World Renowned Instructions from the Comfort of Your Home
Learn How to Salsa Dance Today
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Learn How to Salsa Dance Today

World Renowned Instructions from the Comfort of Your Home

Since 2007 Paradiso Academy have standardised Afro-Latin dancing making it easy to learn and progress while maintaining fun. Salsa dancing is a cultural mix of music and dance, Paradiso Academy respectfully teaches these elements while adding lots of “flavour” to our dancer’s delivery.

With a solid syllabus of internationally recognised Salsa moves, Paradiso Academy’s training is methodical and progressive in their approach to dancing enjoyment. We want you to become the type of dancer you always knew you could become. Whether you want to impress others or just simply grow your own confidence from being able to partake in events that otherwise would have scared you. Here at Paradiso Academy we want to help solve your problems in any way we can.

Just imagine yourself in a few months’ time striding across the dancefloor carefree and happy. Once you discover the power of dance you’ll wish you did it sooner. Sign up today for our online beginner’s course on learning how to Salsa. This course has been compiled by some of the top dance experts in the world and will help fast track your progress.



Benefits of Learning Salsa Dancing

Meet & Dance!

Meet New People While Dancing

Salsa is Fun!

Salsa is a Fun and Enjoyable Way of Exercising

Relieve Stress!

Dancing Helps Relieve All Kinds of Stress and Worry

Gain Confidence

Increases Your Confidence in All Areas of Life

Posture & Body Language

Improves Your Posture and Body Language

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What our Course Includes

When you sign up to our world class "Absolute Beginner to Social Dancer" 8 week course you will get access to our amazing structured syllabus that will take you step by step through the basics of salsa so you can feel confident at your first salsa social!

  • Each day you will receive high-quality detailed video instruction that will give you short drills and exercises for you to practice. You will gradually improve day by day and be ready to social dance before you know it.
  • We will be teaching you the fundamentals of both lead and follow technique so you can feel confident no matter who you dance with.
  • You will learn the six essential turn patterns that are easy to execute and look super hot on the dance floor.
  • How to Shine/Solo Dance like a king. With our easy to learn footwork, you will look like a pro when it comes time to break away from your partner.
  • Basic body movement so you actually look and feel like you're dancing. We teach people real dancing right from the beginning so that your movement gets smoothly integrated into your footwork and turn patterns.
  • Musicality and how to understand the salsa beat. With our special techniques you will easily be able to hear the salsa beat and always stay on time.
  • Throughout our course we have sprinkled useful tips to help you avoid common beginner pitfalls so that your salsa journey is easy, fluid and fun.

Learn Salsa at Your Own Pace

Anytime and Anywhere!

Videos & Guides

Watch our Training Videos and Read Our Guides from the Comfort of Your Home

Short Lessons

Short Lessons of Only (xx) Minutes in Length


Practice Solo or with a Partner


Frequently asked questions about Salsa!

Connect with Dancers

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Our Professional Dance Instructors

Learn from some of the best dancers in the World

Regan Christmas

Salsa Instructor

Candice Christmas

Salsa Instructor


Our happy dancers!

Sean Young

Love it! Such great people and so much fun. 😄

Clara Ad

The best teachers in town. Candice and Regan are passionate teachers, and they're the reason Salsa is alive and thriving in Cape Town. I highly recommend their classes and parties! Best teaching and best music around. Thank you guys!

Ardiela Rajap

T X 3 = TOPCLASS Teaching Techniques! Keep it up! 😊


Frequently Asked Questions

While doing the course with a partner is the ideal scenario we will be teaching all the moves in a way that you can learn with and without a partner. Using our "Shadow dance" technique you will be able to learn all the partnerwork moves we teach by yourself so that you will very quickly get ready when you dance with real people. You may actually progress faster if you program your muscle memory with perfect technique without the distraction of a partner in the beginning. Luckily the salsa world is filled with awesome people who are keen to dance and learn. You won't have any problems finding practice buddies when you tap into your local salsa communities. Through our online forums we also provide a platform where you can connect with local dancers in your city.

No! In fact it is better if you don't have any as you will be starting with a clean slate. We will be teaching you the most efficient world class techniques that have been developed and you won't be bogged down by bad habits you may have picked up from previous dance teachers.

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